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Back on the road While Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been brilliantly assembled, its success still seems to surprise players who have not experienced the joy of crossing their open highways. But while crossing European highways and highways is attractive to make you feel like a real truck, you have to get to the US. UU. That’s exactly what SCS Software did with its latest title, American Truck Simulator.

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It will be difficult to find the differences between American Truck Simulator and its European predecessor. The game has essentially not changed: start as an independent driver, earn money, buy your own truck and start your own distribution company.

But here, perhaps more than any other franchise, changing the design is enough. Coast to Coast Romance Listen to country music on your Internet radio. So, although the physics and skillful driving model of the game remain the same, the idea of ​​transporting a full load on Route 66 feels inexplicable.

Or at least it would be, because at this time only two of the fifty US states. UU. They offer a US truck simulator. USA: California and Nevada. Of course, these two countries are a great base and can take hours to move from one country to another, even in games that have hit the world. Unfortunately, this prevents you from embarking on more iconic trips.

However, it is early and SCS Software plans to launch more countries as downloadable content, which somehow explains the price of the American Truck Simulator budget. There should also be a lot of community modifications.

Complexity Explained

The world looks amazing as the game makes driving in its natural environment, scattered suburban cities and the interior look and feel completely different. As you move through the lush streets of Las Vegas, you are surrounded by neons and the streets are full. This is different from the sandy Bakersfield, where you have time to consider the open spaces around you.

Although the traffic seems less impressive, the trucks, especially their interiors, are well modeled. This gives a good feeling of the base because it looks around the cabin regularly for a better view of the mirrors and other revisions.

WhetherChoose to control the action with a pad, keyboard or wheel, American Truck Simulator will guide you through the assistant to make sure you are ready before leaving. My advice, at least keep the automatic options at the beginning. You will have something to do as you learn to drive the trailer, GPS and other options.

The purchase of new trucks and the creation of your transport company are controlled through a simple menu and explained with complete lessons. They add depth and focus to the action as your empire grows and manages your finances. However, this is optional, so if you want to stick to your independent life: get the experience of transporting loads over long distances and enjoy the strange experience of driving in peace, then you can do it.

In it in the long term

American Truck Simulator continues the delicate line of the series and has a great budget. Newcomers to the transport genre should be mentioned by direct comparison that the launch of Euro Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all its DLCs is a much bigger game. But apart, the new place has some magic, especially when you have a country music song from your speakers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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